The Most Wonderful Time of the Year. Victor Cajiao is Back!

I was sad when Victor Cajiao stopped podcasting but I understood. I’ve been there and got out of the game a few years before he did. Unlike me however, Victor was a community star. A stalwart of the medium and a gentleman of technology. When he stopped his shows, I stopped listening to podcasts for several months.

Victor pioneered the live tech talk podcast format on TalkShoe and it was fun to be part of those shows. Victor was best known for The Typical PC User and then The Typical Mac User, an exploration into using your Apple computer to it’s fullest. Victor could plunge into some of the hairier stuff and never get you lost. He had a devoted group of contributors and from time to time even I got a piece on the show. One of those collaborators – another one of “us” from the early days of podcasting – was George Starcher. George is gifted with a talent that blends technology with conversation in such an understandable and human way. Between George and Victor I learned all about secure client server sessions through a multi-part video series that explained public and private key encryption. Yeah, they were that good.

And they still are. Both George and Victor are coming back to podcasting with Artechulate.

Episode “0” is available now on their web site and the feed is going live soon. It’s great to have Victor back on the air and, judging by the tone of the conversation, the interaction between George and Victor is better than ever. Grab your best Scotch, lean back and enjoy the levelated sounds of these great originals. It feels like the best of 2005 is back with the promise of 2015 built right in.

What a Christmas present Victor. Thank you my friend.