Ladies and Gentlemen, Let’s Welcome Back; “HomeKit”

(Updated on 2015-06-05: Formerly titled: “Waiting for HomeKit”)

For the past year, I had been planning to experiment more with home automation but managed to get myself FUD’ed [1.,_uncertainty_and_doubt] by Apple’s HomeKit.

Up until June 2, 2015, HomeKit had the impact of an open source code release for FaceTime. That is to say nothing, absolutely nothing [2. Sung to the tune of Whitfield and Strong’s “War”. There were numerous announcements about locks, lightbulbs and hubs but it took a long time to certify and retail HomeKit products.], had hit the streets at retail since the grand unveiling of HomeKit as an idea in June 2014. It seemed that something might happen in mid-May 2015 and now there are finally some real products available for the IoT [3. Internet of Things] user. It may be at another 6 months to 1 year before many of us will have a real sense of just how well HomeKit works and how well hardware integrations with HomeKit will perform. More vendors and a wider array of product interactions will be required to determine whether HomeKit can work for typical users.

I have had a brief sojourn into home automation. My hope was that automation in the Apple world would get better; sooner rather than later — more integration, more reliability, ease of use and collected data. In measured Apple fashion; that did not happen. An integrated home automation platform that may develop the critical mass to encourage wider consumer adoption? We’ll see.

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