Post Omnifocus Task Entries to Your Calendar

Sven Fechner has written at least twice on the idea of scheduling tasks.[1.] [2.] It’s a good idea, especially when you have some open time on your calendar and want to be at your most effective. Sven is a user of Omnifocus — as am I. In each of Sven’s examples, he writes about dragging and dropping tasks from Omnifocus onto a calendar window. Doing so can give you a calendar item with the right duration and a link back to the Omnifocus task if you use Fantastical. While dragging and dropping is okay for one or two tasks, I prefer using an Applescript for this type of scheduling.

To try it yourself, go to this forum discussion ( at Omnigroup and go about 2/3 down the page to a post by user “aeryn”. You will find a short Applescript macro there that takes a selected task or a group of selected tasks and creates calendar entries for each of them. The calendar entry will begin on the date and time found in the “Defer Until” field of the Omnifocus task. The calendar entry duration will be based on the “Estimated Time” field of the Omnifocus task. Install the Applescript in usual the location for Omnifocus (if you forgot where that is, then click on the Help menu in Omnifocus and then select “Open Scripts Folder”. I have customized my Omnifocus toolbar so that the Task to Calendar macro is easy to access. You may want to assign a key combination and trigger it that way.

This macro is great because it allows you to schedule a batch of tasks on your calendar with one click rather than dragging and dropping a number of tasks one-at-a-time from Omnifocus to Calendar or Fantastical (if that’s your calendar app of choice).